Бягучая цана Crowny складае 0.008557 долара.

Бягучая цана Crowny складае $0.008557 з рынкавай капіталізацыяй $6.00 млн. Яго кошт знізіўся на -18.37% за апошнія 24 гадзіны.

Купіць / прадаць токен Crowny
  • карона-жэтон
    каронны (CRWNY)
  • Жывая цана
  • 24 гадз. %
  • капіталізацыя
    6.00 даляра ЗША
  • Аб'ём
  • ATH
  • ATH (% змены)
  • Дата ATH
  • Высокая 24 ч
  • Нізкая 24 ч
  • Даступныя пастаўкі
    700.60 М СКРЫВЫ
  • Ранг


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Crowny has created a new platform to help solve some of the current dilemmas within the world of advertising Crowny is a platform that will allow brands to create effective campaigns and reach their target audiences with ease and simplicity These users are enticed to listen to their message by being rewarded through the app Users will be able to connect to their favourite brands through the Crowny Mobile App without the risk of privacy breaches What Crowny offers - A smartphone app which enables users to specify their areas of interest and allows them to follow their favourite brands This gives them control over the type of content and deals they wish to see and when they want to see it - A secure and private experience via the anonymization of user data - The possibility to reach out to consumers in several ways including push notifications geofencing and... больш падрабязна

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