ASENIX бягучая цана складае $0.0001099.

Бягучая цана ASENIX складае $0.0001099 з рынкавай капіталізацыяй N/A. Яго кошт знізіўся на -14.25% за апошнія 24 гадзіны.

Купіць / прадаць Асенікс
  • асенікс
  • Жывая цана
  • 24 гадз. %
  • капіталізацыя
    N / A
  • Аб'ём
  • ATH
  • ATH (% змены)
  • Дата ATH
  • Высокая 24 ч
  • Нізкая 24 ч
  • Даступныя пастаўкі
    N / A
  • Ранг


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What is the project about Ever since the advent of blockchain technology digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been utilized to solve a variety of issues in a variety of sectors For example players in the finance industry have created cryptocurrency platforms that provide swift affordable and safe payment solutions Numerous cryptocurrencies have been developed in the agriculture industry to assist farmers easily access farm supplies The entertainment and arts industries use NFT platforms to raise funds and also to reach a larger market for their products Despite the fact that blockchain technology has been widely adopted in a variety of industries certain areas have yet to reap the benefits of these technologies One such area is environmental conservation The ASENIX initiative intends to harness the potential of blockchain technology to protect our seas and their ecosystemsWhat makes your project unique History of your project What s next for... больш падрабязна

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