Бягучая цана Quadrant Protocol складае $0.008307.

Бягучая цана Quadrant Protocol складае $0.008307 з рынкавай капіталізацыяй $4.51 млн. Яго кошт знізіўся на -3.12% за апошнія 24 гадзіны.

Пратакол квадрантаў куплі / продажу
  • квадрант-пратакол
    Пратакол квадранта (EQUAD)
  • Жывая цана
  • 24 гадз. %
  • капіталізацыя
    4.51 даляра ЗША
  • Аб'ём
  • ATH
  • ATH (% змены)
  • Дата ATH
  • Высокая 24 ч
  • Нізкая 24 ч
  • Даступныя пастаўкі
    543.18 М ЭКВАД
  • Ранг


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Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access creation and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core Quadrant aims to provide a blueprint for mapping disparate data sources It will support proof of data authenticity and provenance via data stamping the creation of Constellations data smart contracts for disparate data sources and fair remuneration and incentive sharing Data Consumers can trust the authenticity of the data they purchase Nurseries Data Producers are compensated fairly every time their data is used and Pioneers Data Vendors have the incentive to create innovative Constellations This new transparent ecosystem ensures that companies get the authentic data they need Where Quadrant has major potential for impact is the ability it provides Elons the brightest data minds to find linkages between different constellations and in turn create mega Constellations that can be used by Data Consumers to solve real-world... больш падрабязна

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